Kot Diji Fort, Khairpur Sindh

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Kot Diji Fort is situated on Rohri Hills in Khairpur District, Sindh.

It is near Kot Diji Town on National Highway about 40 km before Khairpur.
The fort was built by Mir Sohrab Khan Talpur in 1785-1795 AD.
The fort is made of kiln based bricks and is half a kilometer long. It has a 5 kilometer, 12 feet wide mud wall which served as a defensive wall. It had bastions throughout its length and a huge iron gate as the city's only entrance.
Kot Diji Fort was the residence of Emirs of Khairpur. It was never attacked by intruders.
Khairpur State merged with Pakistan in 1955. The State Ruler Mir Ali Murad II handed it over to the government of Pakistan.
At prersent the Fort is in diplated condition. Many of the artifacts have been stolen. The building needs repair & immediate attention from Archeology Department.
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