Bhambore, Sindh

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Bhambore is an interesting archeological site at a distance of 64 km from Karachi while travelling on National Highway.

Originally, it was a sea port named Debal, a thriving Hindu stronghold ruled by Raja Dahir in 712 AD and before.
Muhammad Bin Qasim, a young man of barely 17 years, who came with a Muslim army, invaded Debal and defeated Raja Dahir and his forces. . From here, Muhammad Bin Qasim made inroads to interior Sind and onwards to Multan and spread the torch of Islam. 
The city remained intact till 13th century and afterwards was destroyed due to changing course of River Indus. Now there are ruins of the city & a Museum where on display are many pieces of earthwork, figurines and pottery which were in use of the people who once lived here. 
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