Nurri Lagoon, Sindh

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Nurri Lagoon (24° 30 N, 068°47’E) is situated 190 km southeast of Karachi in Golarchi (Badin District), 
The lagoon has a covered area of 2540 hectare.
It is a natural wetland, featuring a combination of brackish coastal and inland lagoons and barren mudflats on the northern side. 
This lagoon is connected with Jubho, Pateji and Cholri wetlands.
This place is home to very large concentrations of migratory birds in winter. The different bird species found in the area include storks, snipes, crested terns, ducks and gulls.
The site is not protected. Sea water intrusion and increase in water level due to tidal effect has increased salinity and sedimentation.
The wetland is under threat by over population on the dwindling natural resource base. 
Increase in fishing and illegal hunting has aggravated the situation.