Dudipatsar Lake, Kaghan Valey

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The lake Dudipatsar lies in the extreme north of the Kaghan Valley at an elevation of 12500 feet.

It is encircled by snow clad peaks in Dudipatsar National Park.
The lake water is greenish blue and very cold. Its mirror-like water reflects the scenery of nearby mountains which have average height of 15700 feet. 
Flora and Fauna are in abundance around the lake area. Snow leopard, Black bear, Marmot, Weasel, Lynx, Leopard, Himalayan Snowcock, and the Snow Partridge are the habitats of the national park.
The lake and park is accessible during summer from June to late September. From Naran after one hour drive is Besal village, from where the track to Dudiptsar Lake starts which passes through alpine meadows  
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