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Lahore Fort is located at a prominent place in the northwest corner of the Walled City. The castle is spread over approximately 50 acres and is trapezoidal in form. 

A mud fort existed here in 1021, when Mahmud of Ghazni invaded this area. The fort's mud construction dates back to the early Hindu period. Jalal-Uddin Akbar demolished the old mud fort and constructed most of the modern fort in brick and solid masonry on the old foundations during his reign between 1556 and 1605. Every succeeding Mughal emperor, as well as the Sikhs and the British, added a pavilion, palace, or wall to the Lahore Fort, making it the only monument in Pakistan which represents a complete history of Mughal architecture.
There are two huge gates in the fortifications; the western gate is known as Alamgiri Gate and the eastern gate as Masjidi Gate.
The citadel is divided into different sections, each creating its own world within its quadrangle, but they are all interconnected for ease of administration of the fort. 
Maidan Diwan-e-Aam (Garden of Public Audience) is located in the south of the citadel, 
The takht-jharoka or throne gallery exist a few feet above the ground and projects into the Diwan-e-Aam.
Daulat Khana-e-Khass-o-Aam is accessed by following the steps to takht-jharoka. 
Makatib Khana is positioned in the northwest corner of the Maidan Diwan-e-Aam. 
Haveli of Mai Jindan dominates the eastern periphery of the Moti Mosque Quadrangle. 
Jahangir's Quadrangle is the largest of all quads, except the Maidan Diwan-e-Aam
Ranjit Singh heir Kharak Singh Haveli is situated in southeast corner of Jahangir's Quadrangle.
Khwabgah-e-Kalan (Bari Khwabgah) is a detached single-storey arcaded palace building located in the centre of the chahar bagh.
Bangla Pavilion a Sikh structure is of Jahangiri origin. 
Zenana Hammam occupies the southwest corner of the quad.
Intizar Gah is located on the northeast corner of Shah Jahan's Quadrangle.
Shah Burj or Royal Tower is the most well documented group of buildings in the Fort. 
Ranjit Singh's Athdara is located on the western periphery of the reception court.
Shish Mahal is the palace where after annexation of Punjab by the British, the fabulous Kohinoor diamond, was passed into the hands of the British.
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