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Rawal Lake in Pakistan is an artificial reservoir that provides the water needs for the cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Korang River along with some other small streams coming from Margalla Hills have been set to form this artificial lake which covers an area of 8.8 km². Korang River is the outlet stream of Rawal Dam. Rawal Lake is located within an isolated section of the Margalla Hills National Park.

The area around the lake has been planted with flowering trees and laid out with gardens, picnic spots, and secluded paths. The terraced garden and the lake are used for picnics, fishing and boating. The highest point in the garden offers a panoramic view of the lake, Margalla and Murree hills, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Boating, sailing, water skating and diving facilities are organized by private clubs.
To the west of the lake is the Islamabad Club, which offers different sporting facilities.
The reservoir is of considerable importance for wintering waterfowl, especially Anas platyrhynchos.
Resident mammals include the common fox, Pangolin, Porcupine, Jungle cat, Jackal, Wild boar and yellow-throated marten.
Reptiles include indian cobra and Russell's viper.
It is a good place for birds watching, as the majority of Birds of Islamabad are found here.

Tags : Rawal Lake, Islamabad, Margalla Hills, fox, Pangolin, Porcupine, Jungle cat, Jackal, Wild boar, yellow-throated marten.

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