Pakistan Monument & Museum, Islamabad

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Pakistan Monument is a beautiful landmark designed by famous architect Arif Masood. 

It is located at Shakar Parian Hill in Islamabad.
The building structure is of a blossoming flower which exemplifies the four provinces of Pakistan and the remaining three petals represent  Gigit Baltistan, Kashmir and tribal areas.
It depicts the tale of people who participated in Pakistan Movement and sacrificed their lives in this great cause.
Pakistan Monument Museum is also located right beside the Pakistan Monument. It is a thematic museum having multi-dimensional displays of the birth, history, identity, society, advancement and achievement of Pakistan as a modern and progressive nation.
The segments on display relate to Indus Valley civilization, arrival of Islam and role of Sufism in the sub-continent, 1857 War of Independence, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Iqbal in Qutuba Mosque, Iqbals’s address in Allahabad, the Lahore Resolution, Gandhi – Jinnah talks,1947 independence and migration , Quaid as a lawyer, Quaid’s address to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan, Quaid and Iqbal’s galleries of relics, a display on freedom fighters and on national achievements after independence.
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