Seven Sisters Place, Sukkur

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Sat bahan jo asthan or Satbahain jo maskan is the resting or ‘living’ place of Seven Sisters.
It is situated in Sukkur on a mound near Landsowne Bridge.
Popularly known as Satian jo asthaan (the home of seven virgins) is a cave like hall, dug out of the mound.
It is a strange place. No impressive mausoleum like those of other saints of Sindh, but just an empty cave.
There are no graves, no epithaps, no inscriptions, no engravings, just some prayer mats and copies of the Holy Quran. This is how the cave was, a secluded hiding place, when the ‘Seven Virgins’ took shelter here to save their honor from drunken soldiers. It is a female only shrine, no males are allowed inside.
The most commonly accepted version of seven sisters’ story is 
“These were seven pious women, probably of Arab origin. They came to Sindh, along with a caravan of Arab traders during the reign of Raja Dahir. They had camped on the hillock, rising out of River Indus. Their camp was attacked by soldiers of Raja Dahir with the evil intention of dishonouring them”.
One version says that to save their honour, they drowned after jumping into the River Indus.
Another version is “They took refuge in the cave. Seeing the soldiers close in on them, they beseeched Allah to protect them against the dishonour. Allah listened, and the “hillock” caved in on them burying them alive
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