Historical Graveyard, Sukkur

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A historic Mughal era graveyard is situated on a mound in Sukkur near Indus River Bank. These are the graves of the family of Khan Zaman Amir Abdul Qasim (Mughal Governor of Bakkhar now called Sukkur).

The Mughal architecture of graves is similar to those found in Makli, Taung Shareef. The grave of Abul Qasim is bigger than all the others. 

There are inscriptions in Persian language of his lifealong with Quranic verses. On one side of the graves stands the mosque called the Jamia Akbari, named after Emperor Akbar, built in 1584. Having ravaged by the test of time and despite repeated repairs, the mosque today stands in ruins.
This scenic location & historical importance attracts a large number of tourists daily. They visit the mound and enjoy the panoramic view of River Indus from this vantage point, often staying there for picnics when the weather is good.

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