Broghil Festival, Chitral

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The far off Broghil Valley in Wakhan Corridor of Chitral comes alive during Broghil Festival. The festival is held every year from 15th to 17th July. 

Shuwor Sheer (3690 m above sea level) is the festival venue. It is located at the junction of Chianter Glacier, the Zindikharam pass to Darkot and Yasin, the Kurambar pass down into Iskhumnan and the Darwaza pass into the Wakhan corridor.
Broghil Festival is famous for various events like wild mountain polo, Horse race on the wide pastures, Yak Polo and Yak race. The traditional sport Buz Kashi which is one of its kind in the World adds flavor to the 3 day event.
The Wakhi Sirikuli, Tajik & Kirghiz tribes who are scattered over the Broghil in Pakistan & Wakhan corridor in Afghanistan find this festival a wonderful opportunity to exchange pleasantries. It is an occasion where families meet, news shared and marriages formalized.
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