Astola Island, Balochistan

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Astola Island is the largest significant offshore island along the north coast of Arabian Sea in Pakistan.

It is approximately 25 km south of Pakistan’s Makran Coastline and approximately 39 km southeast of the Pakistani fishing port of Pasni.
Fisherman call it Haft Talar meaning seven rocks but the Island appears to form a single block. 
It is used as a base for fishermen between September and May to catch fish in general and lobster and oysters in particular.
Between June and August the Island remains free from human interference due to rough sea and high tides. 
The island is also sacred among Hindu pilgrims because there is an architectural remain of an ancient temple of the Hindu goddess Kali Devi.
A prayeryard has been constructed in the memory of a Muslim saint associated with oceans.
The island has a small solar operated light tower on top of one of the cliffs for the safety of passing vessels.
The island supports a large number of breeding seabirds including Larus hemprichii and several species of terns.
The internationally endangered Green turtle and critically endangered Hawksbill turtle frequents the site for nesting purposes along the sandy beach threatened.
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