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Subject : Hello every one
Hello to all Pak Travelism.

I dont say that i am a Photographer but i do enjoy taking pictures. i was on S400 nikon before i moved to D80 with sigma 18-300. I am based in Lhr but enjoy travelling. And my work give me a bit of it too. i love it.

i will be attaching some of my work.
Thank you.

At a friends farm about 2hrs away from Lahore.

Crater Lake Oregon USA.


Crater Lake Oregon USA.



Went out with jeep club Islamabad.

Biker on Margalla rd

Mona depot

Posted on July, 12 2012 01:12:21 PM


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nice clicks....

no likes.

Posted on March, 17 2013 07:34:43 PM


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Great Pictures!

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Posted on February, 24 2022 01:19:21 AM

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