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Subject : Thar Desert Trip
I am planning trip to Nagarparkar.
Places we will visit:

1) Naukot fort: A gigantic 200 years old structure at the brink of the desert...

2) Gaddi Bhitt: A sand dune overlooking Mithi city top of which is accessible through a paved road! At night people from Mithi city go to Gaddi Bhitt and enjoy serene environment with clear skies and beautiful city lights in there feet...

3) Ancient Jain Temple: An ancient place of worship...

4) Karoonjhar Hills: This the only hill in the district near Nagarparkar on the northern edge of the Rann of Kutch. It consists of granite rocks, (probably an outlying mass of the crystalline rocks of the Aravalli range...

5) Saadhro (Temples): Saadhro has hindu temples where peacocks can be seen as well...

6) Qaasbo Viillage: A closer look of life in Thar...very close to the Indian border...
Interested people can contact me


Posted on September, 07 2014 08:18:01 PM


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waiting for pictures

no likes.

Posted on September, 09 2014 10:31:22 PM

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