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Subject : Lahore - PW GTG
On 28th May we members of TQC (Travel Quest Club) decided to have a small GTG & explore some historical areas of Lahore.

So me joined them from Sialkot & Rashid Bhai, Faraz Bhai & Raheel Bhai joind from Faisalabad, Lahore team was consist of Nauman Bhai Armaghan, Amer Waseem Bhai, Ishaq Bhai, Shoaib, & Ali Nauman.

Rehamn Bhai & Khalid Rehman joined only @ nashta meet in Anar Kali Bazar, which i missed due to some delay.
Rest Pics will tell the story.

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Posted on May, 22 2013 04:47:09 PM


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Good going

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