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Subject : Off-Road, Star Gazing & Camping Kirthar National Park
This was my 3rd trip to Kirthar Mountain Top in Kirthar National Park.
The exception was we CAMPED AT THE MOUNTAIN.
& it was a fun filled adventure with for 18 passengers onboard 6 SUVsss.
The idea behind this camping site was to give test run to a 24 INCH Diameter Telescope.
This telescope is the largest dia telescope owned by a private person MR. NAVEED MERCHANT.
Thanks Mr. Merchant for giving us the opportunity to be the 1st to have a view of galaxies from this superb piece of glass.
The camping site is a protected area in National Park, so we took permission from Game Warden who was very cooperative & we were allowed to Camp there.
He also arranged Sindh Wildlife Department guides who stayed with us as a protection from wild animals who roam around that area.
The list of Men onboard & passengers is:

1. Hanif Bhatti
2. Adil Jadoon
3. Naveed Merchant
4. Sajjad
5. Camran Mir
6. Rayhan
7. Mehdi Hussain
8. Fahad Ullah
9. Abubaker Siddiq
10. Nadir Siddiqui
11. Usman Iqbal
12. Hasan Ali
13. Tabish
14. Asif Ayub
15. Kamran Soomar
16. Kamil, Adil's son
17. Sheheryar Shah
18. Aqeel Baig

Naveed Merchant (TLC HJ-60)
Aadil Jadoon (Pajero)
Rayhan Ahmed (TLC Prado)
Hanif Bhatti (Becharo)
Camran Mir (MUTT)
Aqeel Baig (Prado)

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I couldn't find some suitable write-up on Webster C24. Here is the manufacturer's link for visitors.

Moreover a picture of Jupiter is below which I took using my point-n-shoot camera and Skywatcher Skymax-180 PRO Maksutov-Cassegrain.

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